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Expert Oil Changes in Pocatello

Changing your oil routinely is one of the most vital and regular services your vehicle needs. At Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Pocatello, our car dealership serves Pocatello and beyond by providing a one-stop shop for all your oil change needs. We provide everything from certified service to competitive rates to ensure a better way to maintain your vehicle.

Conventional or Synthetic Oil: Which is Right for You?

The best way to determine the right type of oil for your car, truck, or SUV is by consulting your owner's manual and working with our service team. Most vehicles can run with either option, while some require synthetic oil. In most cases, synthetic oil is the best option for its superior quality, letting you increase the oil's lifetime.

Synthetic oils typically cost more than conventional oils but offer more benefits. Synthetic oil has exceptionally high-temperature stability, more protection for critical engine components, and excellent cold-starting lubrication and protection. You will want to choose one oil type and stick with it since switching back and forth can damage the engine. Our service team carries high-quality oil options and can help you discover the best option for your lifestyle and budget.

Oil Change FAQ

Q: Should I Change My Oil Every 3,000 Miles?

Changing your oil every 3,000 miles is the right interval for some vehicles and driving habits, but it's not a one-size-fits-all rule. Engine and oil technology has improved since the 3,000-mile rule of thumb, and many vehicles can travel between 5,000 to 7,500, depending on the vehicle, conditions, and oil type. You will also need to change your oil after six months if you haven't traveled the distance of your recommended interval.

Consult your owner's manual and our service specialists to determine the right interval for you.

Q: Does Regularly Changing My Oil Filter help with the Life of My Engine?

Yes, changing the oil filter routinely is a necessary part of changing your oil. Oil filters can get clogged with debris and particles over time, restricting the flow of oil in your engine and causing issues. Our service technicians can change your oil filter at recommended intervals and check its quality during oil changes to determine if replacing it earlier is necessary.

Q: Why Change Your Oil?

Your motor oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It lubricates engine components and manages the heat and friction in your engine. With metal-on-metal components and an internal combustion engine, it's not hard to imagine that heat and friction can build quickly. However, engine particles and debris get past the oil filter, and oil breaks down over time, causing motor oil to become less effective.

While issues may not be immediately apparent, heat and friction can build in your engine if not addressed. The issues from old, dirty oil can lead to warped, damaged engine components. You will find it's much less expensive to change your engine oil in Pocatello with us routinely than pay for new engine components and repairs. Changing your oil regularly will also maximize the longevity of your engine and show potential buyers you've cared for your vehicle, earning your vehicle a higher resale value.

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Whether looking for a diesel oil change in Pocatello or reliable maintenance, you can count on our service team to offer speed, affordability, and precision. Our certified technicians know the best practices and manufacturer guidelines for each new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram model to ensure we complete the job correctly the first time.

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