Drive Safely in the Jeep Cherokee

When it comes to choosing a vehicle, our team members are big believers in safety first. That's why we love the Jeep Cherokee. Equipped with more than 80 safety features, this popular SUV has you covered in any driving condition.

When you're backing out of your driveway or a parking spot in Pocatello, ID, the Cherokee's ParkView camera has you covered. It displays the street behind your vehicle, so you can back up with confidence. Handy grid lines even make it easier to maintain a safe distance with other cars.

Do you spend time in stop-and-go traffic? Opt for the Jeep Cherokee's available adaptive cruise control. It monitors the other vehicles on the road and adjusts your speed accordingly to maintain safe spacing. That way, you can stay focused on your route. To find out how the system works, pop into Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Pocatello for a test drive.

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