Towing is No Problem for the Durable RAM 2500

Top-of-the-line pickup trucks need more than just good bed capacity to properly do their jobs. They also need certain intangibles such as hardy towing capacity and the powerful, durable, and popular 2019 RAM 2500 pickup truck fits this bill. This work horse of a vehicle boasts heavy duty towing and hauling numbers as well as adjustable suspension systems.

Drivers who wish to tow boats, RVs, and even medium-size vehicles can depend on the RAM 2500 towing capacity. This vehicle easily pulls over 19,000 pounds of freight, and this puts it in the top of it's class in this category.

While the RAM 2500 puts out heavy duty towing capacity, it also makes traveling easier for both occupants and the vehicle suspension itself. The available RAM auto-leveling rear suspension system uses pressurized air in order to raise, lower, and balance the chassis.



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