The Dodge Charger: Technology for a Better Drive

The Dodge Charger is a car that gives you two for one. You have a mid-sized sedan that can comfortably seat five people. You also have a sporty car with a powerful engine and firm handling. The 2018 Dodge Charger is also designed with technology features that provide a better drive.

The 2018 Charger is equipped with adaptive cruise control. This feature has sensors that monitor ahead for slow traffic. When detected, the cruise control modifies the speed until the traffic clears. The Dodge Charger also offers the Sport Mode feature. In Sport Mode, the vehicle's throttle and shifting are more responsive to the driver. You really get a sports car feel in this mode.

The best way to learn if the new Dodge Charger is the vehicle for you is to come to our Dodge sales center conveniently located in Pocatello for a test drive. Come find out about the technology behind the Dodge Charger.



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