What Will Synthetic Oil Do for Your Car?

You have likely heard of synthetic oil. It may even be what's recommended for your vehicle. Knowing how it's different than conventional oil is important. It's chemically formulated in a lab and considerably more refined than the crude, natural oil used in the conventional variety. Synthetic oil will also outperform conventional oil in most instances, so you typically won't need oil changes as frequently.

At Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Pocatello, we like to use synthetic oil because of how it protects your engine. We find that engines are often cleaner. Plus, the oil runs smoother in the cold weather and protects more effectively in the hot weather. If you have a turbocharged vehicle, the various components will be better protected, too.

When you get an oil change in Pocatello, ID, come visit us. We'll help you to determine if synthetic oil is right for your vehicle.

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